Crater Run, New Short Story, FREE this Weekend!

I’ve just posted a new short story.

Crater Run is adapted from the upcoming book Gen, book 4 in my Water Worlds, young adult science fiction adventure series. It’s fast-paced and written for girls especially, because I believe there is precious little out there for them in the world of science fiction, but boys and older people like me seem to like this story, too.

To celebrate, I’m making Crater Run FREE this weekend, August 3 & 4, on Amazon. But just Saturday and Sunday only, then it goes to $0.99. Here’s the link.

So far, my stories go like this: Young Moon is a memoir, Sami and Simma (hooked at the hip) are adventures, and Gen (on track for a fall release) is a romance. At least, I think it will be. I’m dabbling. Until then, take a look at Crater Run.

Thanks for all your support! I’m so glad you like my stories. Really.




About HSStOurs

H. S. St. Ours is the author of the Water Worlds young adult science fiction, apocapunk adventure series. He lives and writes in Maryland. "Water Worlds is a saga of the terraforming of the planets of the inner solar system, as seen through the eyes of generations of young women. I wrote this series especially for young women, because I believe there is a paucity of good SF for them in particular."
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