Hard Sci-Fi Meets Magical Realism

It’s very hard for me to describe any of my books without giving away important plot points. That’s why I always introduce Water Worlds as an apocapunk sif-fi adventure series. Mostly to give the sense that disaster has fallen, and also to let you know there’ll be some awesome young characters in it. But also because I just can’t bear to give away anything.

Those of you who’ve read one of more of the books (thank you!) will know what I mean. There are so many twists and turns, so many important points that are made in plot climaxes, that I just can’t give any of it away. If someone wanted to make a movie of Simma or Gen, let’s say, I would try to forbid them from using clips of the action in the trailer. I’d fail, of course. Writers have very little clout after their rights are sold, but I’d be disappointed if someone came to my book (or a film version) and knew what was about to happen. Where’s the mystery? Where’s the excitement of finding out?

It has been said of my book blurbs, wherever the series is sold, that the blurbs don’t do the story justice. I’ve had a few 4- or 5-star reviews that said exactly that. So how do you do the book “justice” in a blurb without at least some spoilers. I guess even calling one a post-apocalyptic adventure is a spoiler, but otherwise people simply won’t know whether they should read it or not. And I really do like it when people read my books. 😉

So I often describe my books in general terms. All of them are “hard” sci-fi adventures, rigorously researched and devoid of vampires and werewolves. (Cannibals are so much better. And real! Also such a deliciously human evil, don’t you think?) But on top of that, “Young Moon” is a memoir. “Sami” and “Simma” (hooked at the hip, after all) are hard sci-fi apocapunk adventures.

And of the upcoming works-in-progress, “Gen” is a hard sci-fi romance, I think, and “Meeza” is where hard sci-fi meets magical realism.

I can’t wait for you to meet them!


Illustration of a mythical dragon


About HSStOurs

H. S. St. Ours is the author of the Water Worlds young adult science fiction, apocapunk adventure series. He lives and writes in Maryland. "Water Worlds is a saga of the terraforming of the planets of the inner solar system, as seen through the eyes of generations of young women. I wrote this series especially for young women, because I believe there is a paucity of good SF for them in particular."
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