Water Worlds Friday on Wattpad

Every Friday is #WaterWorldsFriday as I post a new chapter of Simma on Wattpad.

There, everyone can read the first two books of the series for free. I believe it is a great way to introduce Water Worlds to young (and old!) readers who might not be regular book buyers. Yet. 😉 I have had some wonderful comments on Wattpad so far and met some fantastic readers and writiers. And although it might not be boosting sales, I believe allowing folk to read for free is a great way to develop fans.

And it appears to be working! So far, the three Water Worlds books (well, two and a half, since Simma is serialized and only half posted so far) have garnered over 130,000 reads! That’s not in the millions like some people, but I haven’t promoted the series much.

Check it out for yourself. If you haven’t started the series yet, you can become a member of Wattpad for free. Then read, vote and comment!


And thanks for reading!





About HSStOurs

H. S. St. Ours is the author of the Water Worlds young adult science fiction, apocapunk adventure series. He lives and writes in Maryland. "Water Worlds is a saga of the terraforming of the planets of the inner solar system, as seen through the eyes of generations of young women. I wrote this series especially for young women, because I believe there is a paucity of good SF for them in particular."
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