New Covers for the New Year

Dear Friends and Fans,

Thought I’d give a refresh to my covers for the holidays. Let me know what you think. I’ve been giving this some thought for a long time, and not sure (never sure, really) if I’ve made some improvements or caused more trouble than it’s worth.

Happy Holidays!


Christmas, 2014

Cover variations 2014-12-09

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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Water Worlds Fans: Signed copies!

Dear Friends and Fans,

Another chapter of Gen has been posted for all to read for free on Wattpad and WriteOn.

So I’d like to ask: are you enjoying the Water Worlds series so far?

If so, now you can support this independent author and order the perfect holiday gift. Autographed paperback copies of the first three books in the series, Young Moon, Sami and Simma, are available now for a limited time on the Water Worlds Web site at very reasonable prices, with a customized inscription just for you.

Re-live the horror as Young Moon realizes the scope of her Father’s deceit, follow Sami in her quest to escape the Five Tunnels (did you know Sami was a Thanksgiving story? Well it is!), and join the battle as Simma and her friends try to save the Twelve Towns against the Bishop’s cannibal army.

And with your support I can focus on finishing the series. Gen, book 4, is 85% complete and should be finally published this winter, 2015. Meeza, book 5, is well underway (30% complete) and due out next fall, with Kaio, book 6, coming in spring of 2016, followed by Brin, book 7, the following fall.

Your continued support and comments have helped to keep me writing. Thanks for that. And above all, thanks for reading!

Thanksgiving, 2014

Water Worlds Sci-Fi Adventure Series

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Chapter 6 of Gen Now Posted on Wattpad

It’s Friday and that means I’ve posted a new chapter of Gen, book 4 in my Water Worlds YA sci-fi adventure series. Hope you enjoy!

Free-to-read at Wattpad:

Beta-readers: there’s an updated PDF of chapters 1-17 in Dropbox. Please help squash typos, etc.

Thanks for reading my stories, and remember to support independent authors!


Book 4 of the Water Worlds Sci-fi Adventure Series

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Soft Roll-Out of Gen on Wattpad

I have begun a soft roll-out (on Wattpad) of “Gen,” book 4 in the Water Worlds sci-fi adventure series written especially for young women. I’ll be posting a new chapter every week, at least until I run out of words. Proof-readers, continuity-checkers, and grammarians are all welcome. #WaterWorlds

“Gen was angry and she knew it. Angry about her overprotective parents, angry about the way she was teased about her height, and angry about the dirt and grime that infested every corner of Mars. But soon, she’d be on rotations Outside. Too few went Outside on purpose anymore, just to shiver against the icy cold, or to feel the pressure in the slowly thickening air. But an ancient prophecy of destruction visiter her in haunting visions. Now only Gen could warn the poeple — and maybe even save worlds.”

Join my mailing list at:

Thanks again for all your kind words, and don’t forget to support indie writers!


Book 4 of the Water Worlds Sci-fi Adventure Series

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Serialization of Simma is Complete on Wattpad

Dear friends and fans,

The last chapter of Simma, book 3 in the Water Worlds apocapunk sci-fi adventure series, is now posted on Wattpad, along with the 3rd chapter of Kali, as always, embedded at the end:

I’ve enjoyed reading the comments from so many readers and writers, young and old. It buoys me up every single day as I watch new followers begin the series with Young Moon and get hooked.

If you have enjoyed my books, and are hoping for more, don’t fret. Book 4, Gen, is almost ready for publication. Should come out later this season, with luck (and persistence). Keep current on news about the release date by joining my mailing list at:

Thanks again for all your kind words, and don’t forget to


Illustration of a mythical dragon

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Adventure on Mars

I’ve been hard at work on Gen, the 4th book in the Water Worlds apocapunk scifi adventure series, and am amazed by the possibilities for civilization on our sister planet.

Gen is a child of the Federal period, and Mars has moved from the colonial position it was after the early settlers arrived, into a thriving community of underground tunnel dwellers. It is a perfect place for undergrounders from Earth to come and find a better life.

But will too many immigrants change the way Martians think and act towards the home world. And what about the travelers Sami kept going on about? Are they real or just a silly religion? I can’t give away any spoilers, but if you’ve enjoyed the series so far, I think you’ll enjoy Gen, coming this Fall.


Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 4.18.12 PM

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Amazon v Publishers

What I think hardly matters, but what my indie author colleagues think does. Amazon has been there for new authors, not only in a way that traditional publishers never could, it did it in a way that those publishers never wanted to do. With respect, fairness and real partnership.

All large corporations live for themselves after a while, but Amazon has helped indie authors grow and thrive and publish works that agents and the big publishers ignored. There’s a lot of he-said, she-said in all this, but for an enlightening view at the way some of us see this story, read IB’s irreverent, humorous play, in 5 acts.

It may be Amazon v publishers, but it’s not Amazon v publishing.


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